Saturday, 30 August 2008

Day 28: Dora and Rudy

In the car on the way back from my step-niece and nephew's naming ceremony I came up with a short little verse for them, which I've set to one of the piano improvisations from Thursday. I've just recorded it, and I hope they like it when they hear it (they're only a few months old so probably won't have strong opinions either way).

Things are now as follows:

Written and recorded:
Brooklyn Bridge
City Song
Everyone Likes Coffee Except me
Former Glories
Impulse Control
On Those Dark Days in July
Murder, She Wrote
A Reverie
Dora and Rudy
The Mismatch Man
The Race
What's Lost to You

Written but not yet recorded:

Almost finished:
Sing a song

I may also put the other piano improvisation on there as an instrumental, I think it's nice to have something without words to break things up, don't you?

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