Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Day 24: Getting down to busy-ness

Productivity drive: vocals for Everyone Likes Coffee Except Me, July, Reverie; a first draft of Doodlebug; first verse and chorus lyrics for Fail; and electric guitar for Impulse Control. I'm hoping to get all my left over piano stuff recorded on Thursday so need to have all that prepared by the end of tomorrow. It's exciting...

A friend and I had a bright little thought the other day about what I might do with these songs when they're finished. My original idea was to be obstinately retro by releasing the thing strictly on cassette only, in part for the sheer perversity of it but also because I like the idea that whoever wants to hear these songs will have gone to some effort to do so. However, my friend Catherine and I have now had a better idea, one that involves concealing CDs all around the city, which is going to be a fun project in itself, and will probably be reported on this blog. I might still put it out on cassette though. I'd love to do a proper vinyl release of course but that's just too expensive.

I also managed to go swimming today, which left me feeling elated but exhausted and slightly sick as I haven't exercised my upper body since about 1998.


Anna said...

Hey, I´m just listening to "Act of war" at and I really like it...good job. Nice idea about distributing CDs around London - but how about us living in other cities? other countries, in fact... (Prague, Czech Republic in my case).
But good luck with the whole project, anyway.

Owen Duff said...

Thanks Anna, I will make the songs available more widely somehow, just haven't quite figured all that out yet... Nice to see new people following this blog!