Sunday, 10 August 2008

Day 8: Please sir, can I have some more?

It's now been a week since I started. The following songs are written and recorded:

The Race
Former Glories
The Mismatch Man

Today continued apace, I recorded Former Glories - guitar and vocal harmonies - and vocals for The Mismatch Man. I'm typing this with one eye on the ridiculous Crimson Tide because there is NOTHING ON TELEVISION. Thank god for DVD box sets (and er, real life). I wrote parts of a song today about getting bored of the city you live in. It has these lines, which I quite like:

Shopkeepers say "have a good day boss!"
Startled tourists flee an oncoming bus
It's cute
But none of it persuades me
And nothing else has lately...

While I was thinking over these lines a rainbow (pictured above) crept up behind me, which was quite touching, as if London was saying "You're not talking about me are you? Maybe this rainbow will change your mind..."

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