Friday, 8 August 2008

Day 5: Play

Just a quick entry today, as it's late. I hit a wall this morning, well, not a wall really, more of a fence. Nothing new was coming and everything I tried to write sounded laboured and wrong. So I went to the park, listened to 'Plat du Jour' (Matthew Herbert is a very clever man), considered going swimming in the rain, returned to the house, bought Nina Simone's 'Four Women' from itunes - thanks Josef - listened to some of that (amazing of course). Despaired slightly. Read some advice about creativity on the internet and saw one vital word: play. So that's what I did, I took the guitar, retuned it a bit, enjoyed messing around with different chords and rhythms. Before I knew it a new song sprang forth like a frisky gazelle. This process is teaching me something about my approach to creativity: when I have a good idea I tend to want to make it work immediately, rather than accepting that if things aren't coming together and I'm not enjoying myself it's better to move on to something different. The good ideas will be there to come back to later, and the end result will be many times more satisfying I think.

So, today's song is (probably) called Former Glories. It's pretty. I've never played the guitar this much, my fingers are sore. Tomorrow I pick up the mics that I'll be using to record the piano - first session on Saturday...

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