Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Day 15: Mere technicalities

Okay, so this was really a day off as I did nothing more than a little lyric writing and recording of random thoughts and ideas. The absence of any real progress to report gives me a chance to provide details on exactly what I'm using to record all of these songs. So, for the nerds, here's the rundown of the main stuff I use:

Brauner Phantom AE for vocals and guitar (I also use a Reflexion Filter on this to keep out room reflections)
Rode NT5s

Focusrite Trakmaster (for the first half of the project)
DAV BG1 - I got this halfway through recording these songs to record the piano in stereo, it sounds much better than the Focusrite but I might not get time to go back and re-record the vocals and guitar with the DAV...

Edirol UA25 for location (piano) recording
Echo MIA for everything else

Alesis Monitor 1 Mk2, also use two different AKG headphones and my ipod Sony earphones to check mixes

Ableton Live
TONS of plugins - UAD1, Native Instruments, a really really ace free thing called Glitch

Yamaha Pacifica 112 electric guitar
Kimbara steel string acoustic
Hohner Melodica
Roland RD300SX digital piano
Mahalo ukulele
Yamaha baby grand piano - think it's a C5 or something, sounds nice but the action is very noisy
Glockenspiel with dinosaurs on it
Misc percussion instruments

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